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We think education matters. Being in school matters. Tests, homework and assignments matter.

But sometimes this system pushes the focus from self-development to “we’ll do anything just to get the marks.”

Enter The Pencil Box.

A community of students seeking ways to take control of their education to shape their learning and share their experiences.

What are you doing in university? Burying your head in books to get that “A”? Spending hours on DOTA or the Big Bang Theory and then cramming assignments at the last minute?

Do you hear about people who are traveling places, influencing others, doing things that they love, and then wonder whether that could be you?

Well, it starts with forming and changing mindsets on what we are capable of doing. One of the easiest ways is through reading.

What do we have to offer? We write. Write to give you a vantage point on how we are tackling university. We’re in the system with you, and this is how we take advantage of what we have and make the most out of our formative years.

Join us now.


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