Sometime during our schooling, we realized that there were issues we face as students that are not always addressed by our teachers and school syllabus.

Very frequently, we’d find ourselves frustrated that our learning would be inhibited by issues seemingly beyond our control.These gaps in the education system include: lack of space for critical thinking, having lecturers who don’t teach well (bless them!), high emphasis on grades but with little or no feedback on the actual work, the list goes on.

These issues are the sort that would not be discussed on a formal basis, but remain popular topics among students, outside of the classroom and away from the ears of their lecturers. In addition, student issues such as having free-riders in group work, communicating effectively, leading a team, managing a club and encountering difficult people were regular issues we faced as part of being a student. And so we sought ways to get more out of our education.

At the same time, we realized that there is a whole factory of tools available in the web to assist us in these issues. But presented with an endless supply of information, it becomes overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

The Pencil Box was conceived as our take on these issues, supplemented with a collection of resources and tools gathered from around the web. This is a resource done by students, for students. These are our own musings from years of discontent in school, from reading and analysis – to act as a guide, not a set of rules.