Meet the Team


Esther Ling

A recent university graduate with a Degree in Electrical Power Engineering. Started The Pencil Box in 2013 when she joined The John Curtin Leadership Academy. University life was spent juggling engineering studies, writing, event organizing, futsal tournaments and playing music events.  On the side, enjoys songwriting, and has released a song on Bandcamp.”

Main Contributing Writers

Bernice (Lim Sen Sen)

Bernice is a student studying at Curtin University Sarawak. Having lived through an early onset of quarter-life crisis, this science student, turned business owner, turned aspiring Civil Engineer has dedicated herself to being a lifelong witness to the college of life and the wonders it has to offer. Armed with a ready arsenal of logic and satirical sense of humour, she aims to bring unique insights to conventional topics of communications, leadership and the secrets of the universe.

Tang Lu Wee

I’m a recent college graduate. When I meet new people (like you), I like asking, “Do you have a dream?” Because I do. And when I was younger, everybody told me to give up on my dream because it wasn’t practical. I thought they were right. So I gave it up and did something practical instead. I regret it because my heart’s not in it and it’s a chore to do it everyday. Now I’m working (very hard) on making my dreams come true. Because I know it’s gonna be worth it one day. What about you? What are you going to do about your dream? Are you going to give it up or work on it? If you’re like me and don’t want to give up on your dream, you’re not alone. And I want to help you get there. I write about accomplishing dreams, running businesses and stories on my own journey on my blog (you’re welcome to view any time and leave a comment! I read and respond to every one!)

Nelson David Bassey

“A B. Eng. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering student in Malaysia, born and raised in Nigeria, Nelson David Bassey helps young students adapt themselves for success in our fast-changing society today.  In 2011, he co-founded Leaders of Tomorrow, a club that aims at nurturing, molding and equipping young leaders to become whole. In September 2012, he pioneered I Am A Winner Student Program, an endeavor committed to setting a gold standard in developing outstanding leaders in society, which is currently operating in 2 countries. In 2013, David was selected by McKinsey & Company, Malaysia as one of the few participants of the nationwide Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) 2013; A project based social entrepreneurship program. David is also the author of the newly released title “The New Generation of Leadership” now available on Amazon. Officially released on 6 January 2014, click here to peer into its rich content.

University Advocate

Savier Kong

Savier is a Chemical Engineering student in Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus. He was a member of the Student Council in 2013 and also the one and only student representative in the Swinburne University Council 2013-2014. He is an animal lover and whenever he is free, he volunteers with the SSPCA in their adoption event, helping stray animals find new homes. He is friendly, loves talking, and exchanging ideas and experiences with people. He is a food hunter and usually goes around exploring delicious food.